Darius’ childhood was characterized bleakly with great hardship and many trials. His father was a farmer and his mother died giving birth to her only son. He wanted to be a great farmer like his dad when he was still young. His father noticed that Darius was a precocious child endowed with natural ability and a seemingly endless work ethic. 

Darius was content with he and his father’s lot until being placed in yet another unfortunate circumstance. A group of ogres, led by the brute Kairos, slew Darius’ father in front of his very eyes. He was able to flee and, while running, he fainted and his frail body was found by the famed General Silas. 

Silas treated him like a son and trained to be one of the best knights Silas had ever seen. Darius, gifted with great toughness and great intelligence let’s Darius cast his ability twice in a single battle. Darius’ main goal was to seek vindication for his beloved father. 

As fate would have it, he was able to find Kairos and his troops. Darius, all alone, killed Kairos and slaughtered every last remaining man using his swordplay and main tactic attack "unkind pursuit". He then grabbed Kairos' breastplate and made it his own. The infamous armor, pitch black in color, has lent Darius his current nickname -- The Dark Knight of Thieden.