Faction quest/war: Barbarian assult and defend are "special" faction quests. Special faction quests generally happen once a day and can be one of many others. There is a possibility of getting one of two barbarian quests. One involves simply defeating all the barbarians spawned in cities to win, another involves defending your cities without losing any for a set amount of time.

Barbarian DefenseEdit

Barbarians are spawned in cities closest to your barbarian's base. They spawn once every ten minutes, in increasing numbers and in increasing number of cities. There are three rounds, each round consists of 30 minutes and three spawns. Losing any of the cities barbarians are attacking will result in a loss. One point is rewarded for every 30 minutes you manage to keep your cities.

A defeated faction will receive a second quest; the opposing faction's barbarians will summon a horn, and your new goal will to be to stop the other faction from completing their quest. 

Barbarian AssaultEdit

Barbarians will be spawned in cities closest to the barbarian base. Starting off slowly and increasing in number every round. There are a total of 6 rounds, each round ending once all attacking barbarians are defeated. Losing a city during this quest to a barbarian will NOT result in a loss. Finishing all 6 rounds ends the quest, regardless of how much or little time is left. If all 6 rounds are not completed before the 90 minutes total for the faction quest, they will remain there until defeated.


Spawning barbarians to harass the opposing factions is the main way of slowing down progress. 

Players may opt to simply make their way through the other cities to the opposing barbarians, and help the barbarians take over the cities/ stop them from killing all the barbarians. 

Barbarian levels are determined by faction levels, and not the level of the barbarian base. However spawned barbarians during this period will still be determined by the base.

During barbarian defense, killing enemy factions will contribute to your total kill count. However, during assault, only barbarians killed will give you credit for kills.