Faction trials are an extra event that can be started by any of the top 5 officers. This event is only for gaining experience for your generals and yourself. It does not increase faction experience. The goal of this event is to defeat all the barbarians that reside in your faction's barbarian hall (Barrowby, Crakehall and Coldingham). It is a good test to see if a faction upgrade will be possible. it is recommended to consult the players of your faction before starting one.

Mechanics Edit

Faction trials can be started once the faction reaches level 3.

Trial attempts are gained through earning faction experience and attempts can be saved up.

There is a 4 hour cool down to start another trial or upgrading faction.

The barbarians in the city start off at lower levels, and increase in both strength and numbers as more trials are completed.

Failing a trial will not cost an attempt however there will be no rewards except experience gained through fighting.

At around 30% completion some food troops are spawned in the city, allowing players to get extra resources.

At around 70% completion, the barbarian king will summon players of the other two factions to your cities and attempt to stall/block you from entering into the barbarian city. You cannot rush through to the barbarian city. The opposing factions can also spawn barbarians to attack you during the trial.

The barbarians in the city will duel phantoms and players in line, increasing in duels as the number of generals increases.

The limit for the trial is two hours and cannot be started during a faction quest. It can however be started before one and still be ongoing as a faction quest starts.

The city is a fortress, and as such generals with bonuses to siege are recommended here.

The reward for completing the trial is similar to faction quest rewards.

Bonus experience from manor and sword of light do not apply here.

Regular officer summoning horns do not work, however 200 diamond horns can still be used.