Faction war: Create miracles is a "special" faction quest. Special faction quests generally happen once a day and can be one of many others. One of the possibilities is create miracles, where the three factions attempt to help convoys reach their faction capital.

Mechanics Edit

There are three rounds, each round is dependent on how quickly each faction completes their own round.

Each faction capital has two enemy convoys which make their way to the opposing enemy capital. The speed of these convoys will be increased depending on the faction that controls it. A convoy on their own faction's city that is not in battle will be the quickest. A convoy on a faction owned city but in battle will be slightly slower, and in a non faction controlled city they will move the slowest.

A third convoy spawns from draketon, and moves towards each capital.

The main goal of this quest is to have control of the cities that the convoys move through, speeding up the process.

The faction that achieves their goal first will gain bonus experience.

Faction points will be rewarded to each faction that completes their round,regardless of how quickly they completed it or their placement.

Around 5 convoys of each type will be required to complete one round.

The convoys always follow the same path, it is the faction's job to control the path.