Faction war: Divine parclose  is a "special" faction quest. Special faction quests generally happen once a day and can be one of many others. One of the possibilities is the divine parclose quest, where all 3 factions fight(with or against) a fourth enemy that overtakes the middle of the map.

Mechanics Edit

The beginning of the faction quest consists of each wall surrounding the middle having been overtaken by special NPCs. All phantoms in the middle will be removed and their exp given to their owners.

The NPCS at the wall are weak but have a 4 row tactic that instantly kills a general. Once these are defeated, the other NPCS in the middle are similar to guards, albeit stronger.

The goal of the first phase is to retake the three cities surrounding Draketon, regardless of which faction takes it. Each city near Draketon taken rewards the faction that takes it some EXP and iron.

One faction may choose to block the others and take all 3 targets for bonus EXP and iron, or may allow each faction to take their own, speeding the phase up.

During this time draketon cannot be entered

Phase 2 Edit

Once all 3 cities around Draketon have been taken phase 2 starts and draketon becomes attack-able. The goal is to take Draketon, whoever kills the last troop wins.

Cragdon Stonechapel and Southcastle will be taken by similar NPCs in the first phase. As long as these cities are held by the NPC, draketon will have additional troops reinforcing it.

While the goal is to retake the 3 cities before attacking draketon, the reinforcements can be killed quickly and thus removing the need to take them back. All 3 factions can hit Draketon and be on the attacking side. However, one major mechanic is that each faction may duel one-another while on the same side.

The reward only goes to the one who takes draketon, taking cragdon, stonechapel or southcastle nets no reward.

Draketon itself will be filled with around 40 NPCS similar to the ones found at the walls. Reinforcements from the 3 cities will spawn every 90 seconds for each city. Reinforcement troops are a fair bit stronger than regular guards.