Faction war: Expand territories is a "special" faction quest. Special faction quests generally happen once a day and can be one of many others. One of the possibilities is expand territories. Expand territories is a quest where you need to simply expand your empire, gaining more cities within the specified time limit. There are three rounds, each round consisting of a different goal and lasts 30 minutes.

Mechanics Edit

At the start of each round, each faction is given a goal of how many cities they need to win that round. The target is generally 2-5 cities more than they currently own, having less cities before the start of the quest will make it easier.

The winner(s) of a round will be given more cities to take, based on how many they have at the end of the previous round. Having too many cities over the required amount will make it more difficult the next round.

Likewise, the defeated factions will be required to have less cities. A losing faction might opt to simply lose as many cities as possible, making next round much easier.

Elite guards and scouts will still spawn during the event, having cities too close to an opposing capital might make keeping those cities harder.

There will be a status bar of how many cities each faction currently has, but will not show how many the opposing factions need.

Winner(s) of each round receive 1 point each.