Faction quest/war siege and defend is the most common of the daily three faction quests(Generally two out of 3 will be this quest) and the bread and butter of the game. It consists of two cities, picked randomly to be targets for either defense or siege. While simple on the outside, this faction quest also has many different factors and tactics available.

The selected cities for the quest is random, but also based on the bordering cities (cities closest to an enemy city).

Helpful tips:Edit

Before the start of the faction quest, have you and your allies fall back and try to lose cities far away. Making the targets closer to your capital always makes this much easier. Note that Draketon cannot be the target of this quest, nor any cities directly connected to a capital.

Surrounding the said city before taking it is generally recommended for smaller servers.

Putting generals on manual attack will stall the attackers. Utilizing summoning horns with manual attack can stall attackers for a large amount of time.

In each targeted city, the defending faction will have around 300 defense troops. These troops' strength will be based on the highest faction level. In general they are not very strong, and also gives EXP to the opposing side. The troops have a decent tactic attack, always using it as soon as they are up front. They also choose their talent randomly.


The city is "lost" once all defending troops are gone. Troops in the middle of a duel while the last front-line troop falls will not count as being in the city defense.

When two factions are attacking the same city of the third faction, the faction that gets the last hit will be declared the winner, while the other attacker will recieve a loss.

Terrain bonuses will be in effect, along with penalties for being too close to a capital.

Whether a bug or intended, the defending troops will sometimes duel the attackers.

Faction quest automatically ends once both cities are overtaken.

Some cities are much more prone to being targeted, such as the three major "walls" surrounding Draketon.

Winners of a defend or an attack will receive 3 faction points, losers receive none.

Every 15 minutes, four groups of support armies will be spawned and walk towards targeted siege cities, these are generally in groups of 18 and are slightly stronger than the defense troops. They always choose the shortest route regardless of which cities are hostile.