Note: Where X * Y is displayed after each general's tactic attack, X is the tactical attack rating, Y is the number of rows the tactic hits. The tactical attack rating tells the amount of damage the tactical attack does to each row relative to the general's physical damage.

Purple Generals Edit

Servius Edit

Strength: 50

Intelligence: 65

Tactic: Invincible Cavalry (1.51 X 3 rows)

Tactics: Plains Assault

Talent: (+++) Plains +25%

Unlock: Level 77 Natchby.


Harold Edit

Strength: 60

Intelligence: 55

Tactic: Last Stand (1.12 X 4 rows)

Tactics: Mountain Defense

Talent: (+++) Mountains +25%

(+)Higher attack capability with greater enemy numbers

Unlock: Level 82 Harold.


Nadric Edit

Strength: 83

Intelligence: 32

Tactic: Scourge Hurricane (1.26 X 3 rows, disrupts enemy tactics)

Tactics: Mountain Defense

Talent: (+++) Mountains +25%

Unlock: Level 88 Jeasson.


Silas Edit

Strength: 85

Intelligence: 30

Tactic: A Hail of Bullets (2.24 X 2 rows)

Tactics: Fortress Assault (only attacking); Fortress Attack (only attacking)

Talent: (+++) Fortress +45% (only attacking)

Unlock: Level 93 Sumnor.


Galvius Edit

Strength: 57

Intelligence: 58

Tactic: Great shock (1.17 X 4 rows)

Tactics: Marsh Attack

Talent: (+++) Swamp +25%

Unlock: Level 98 Ensfield


Darius Edit

Strength: 49

Intelligence: 69

Tactic: Unkind pursuit (0.57 X 4 rows)

Tactics: Plains Assault

Talent: (+++) Plains +25%

(+)Can use tactic attack twice

Unlock: Level 103 Darius


Rimber Edit

Strength: 85

Intelligence: 30

Tactic: None

Tactics: Marsh Attack & Marsh Defense

Mountain Assault & Mountain Defense

Plains Assault & Plains Attack

Talent: (++) Swamp +20%, Mountains +20%, Plains +20%

(+) Melee ADA kills are enhanced.

Unlock: Level 108 Hecthorne

Notes to editors:

Needed - All generals Red and lower, Hangred, Aslak, Sumnor, Sail, Hecthorne, Grenwood

- Glenelda s29/s28 (play on s28, created account on s29)

Added in some tactic ratings & unlocks, cleaned it up a bit,

Thanks to Bishop & Void (Fourm post)

havnt added other generals ran out of time =/

-Lozza S52