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A solitary woman sits beside a campfire gazing at the full moon. Around her lay many tired and wounded soldiers enjoying the fleeting moments of rest. The clear skies of the night veils the carnage only hours before.

She closes her eyes and lets nostalgia come, to that ephemeral time where life was simple. Images of a humble house and scampering children come, along with a handsome man holding a freshly killed hog. She thinks back and a smile slowly appears on her otherwise stern face.

Some soldiers look at her and whisper to each other "looks like Linnel is daydreaming again" "this is how she keeps her strength up maybe we should do it too".

Linnel continues her adventures within her mind, reliving her youth with her siblings. Her father and mother, grandparents their bittersweet deaths. She re-imagines her wedding, her children and the smiles they gave to her. However no matter how much she remembers, one image always lingers in her mind. As her smile turns to a frown she thinks of that day where her family was kidnapped. She was the lucky one, on an errand and avoided the calamity that befell her family. That image of her wrecked house and a single torn family picture always appears before her, overshadowing any fond memories she had.

A lone tear drops down her eyes and she stops the nostalgic adventure, it was too painful. Since that day Linnel has joined arms, despite her gender. She vows to retake her previous life, even if it was futile. Linnel falls asleep after much thought, awaiting whatever battle will come next.

Daytime arrives and Linnel is up before many of the other soldiers. She forces the image of her family and their smiles into her mind. With that image engraved into her mind, she grabs her weapons and heads into battle along with her comrades.