With boisterous roars and thundering steps walks a giant man wielding a hammer weighing more than a grown man. Lustrous, golden hair and a slightly obscure face that women adore yet men fear.

Ludovic, this man was called and known as a beast on the battlefield. He led a group of 50 farm hands to defeat 100 armed knights. Those unfortunate enough to stand against him all had one thing in common, their heads and bodies were never left the battle in one piece.

At seven feet tall and endowed with a muscular physique, he was the perfect warrior. Wielding his hammer into battle, his allies always watched in awe as he rampaged through the enemy lines, crushing armored heads with his bare hands.

As a leader, all that was needed was his presence. Just the mere sight of him gave his allies a sense of safety. However, no man is truly immortal. On a scheduled patrol with his 50 militia men, his group was ambushed by tens of thousands of enemy soldiers.

They obviously feared this "man" and needed to eliminate him. Despite Ludovic's best efforts to protect his men, they all perished. With many fallen enemies at his feet, many more started to surround him. The scout who was watching over Ludovic soon fled to tell the story.

Days later, there was no trace of Ludovic and on that battlefield lay many crushed skulls. Many know that even he could not stand against such a prodigious force, and they feared he was taken captive. Others say that he simply fled, to return another day. In the end I am to share the story of a "fallen" hero.

No one knows what really happened after the battle. But some villagers started claiming that a massive apparition with a giant hammer lingers near the forest.