Under a crimson sky and the echoing screams of soldiers walks a weak and frail woman. Led by a valiant warrior trudging through the corpses of fallen allies.

"I can't go on..." cried the woman carrying what seems like an infant child. The warrior sees the fatal wound inflicted upon the woman's body, before he could respond she begged him to raise her infant child. As enemy soldiers marched towards their location, a rush of adrenaline and valor encompassed him. Minutes later, a slightly wounded warrior walks back, through many enemy soldiers. "As you wish, my dear sister" he whispered. Neville the child was named, after the woman's late husband who died in that same battle. With no other family alive except his nephew, and in times of war, the warrior trained the child to defend himself, and to fight. At the time fighting was all these men knew of.

Years go by and Neville grew up to be an incredible warrior, with the knowledge bestowed upon him by his now elderly uncle. Carrying the last memento of his mother, a necklace, he wears it with honor in the battlefield.

When his uncle died, Neville took the very same blade that saved his life nearly 40 years ago into battle. He now carries the entire weight of his family's bloodline into battle, and into victory.