We know any of us could create a page on here but what about a page you want but can't create very well (if at all) yet? I'd like to see one page on each general's statistics – like a detailing of each one's talents, tactics, base strength, and base intelligence. I could only do Rimber and below though so a higher level player should create that. Another page I'd like would detail buildings (like prison or blacksmith) – alchemy is the only I have at the highest level but no upgrades on it and like I didn't know the equipment used for smelting in level 3 blacksmith could be bought back until after getting the level, so I could make such a page but may still lack some of the information to do it well. So what pages do you want made that you can't create yourself yet?

Glenelda - s29/s28 (play on s28 but account created on s29)