Letter from his master:

Your mother and your father were two of the most important people in the kingdom. Your father Harold was a knight, and your mother, Noella, possessed mysterious, magical powers. Some of your powers were inherited from her. A few years ago, as you probably heard, the King declared war against people who use magic. The King’s men went door-to-door looking for people like you and your mother. Your parents knew what was coming, so they sent their old friend to save you. By coincidence, the King’s men who imprisoned your mother and father knew them and helped you to escape. Your mother, along with countless other people like you, burned on a bonfire. Your father was subsequently banished for treason. You spent a few years at an old man’s house; nobody knew anything about your father and the King ordered his guards to find you. When the guardsmen drew closer to your location the old man gave you a magic wand from your mother, then told you to run away into the woods. You ran through the forest until you came across an old building near a neighboring waterfall, where you found me. In that building I both lived and practiced alchemy. Your story beings there – in that unassuming little cottage. I was like you and I knew what was happening in the kingdom -- when I saw your magic wand I knew your background. You were scared, you could not catch your breath so I took you with me. The first thing I did was to use my powers for something that should never be allowed -- I erased your memory. All these years I have taught you to become a great magician to avenge your family and your people. The training would be difficult and the climb to master would be a long and steep one. Because you so conveniently forgot your past, you became one of the strongest magicians that I had known -- and it was an honor that I was the one who trained you. And now, as you know, for every spell you cast there is another spell to nullify it. So, I will do that to the spell I had so selfishly placed on you and give your memory back to you with hope that you will do the right thing and seek vengeance upon those who have wronged you. Once more it was an honor to watch you become a man. Go forth with my blessing!