Siegelord updated a new version on August 20th, 2015. Let's check the new contents:

1. Cross-server Faction Quest: every Saturday night

In Faction War, players may obtain Faction Honor. It can be used to join Cross-server Faction quest on every Saturday night. Each faction may join once each week at most. Factions with similar army strength will be matched together by the system.   

Quest Stage 1: occupy 3 fortresses. Quest Stage 2: defend the occupied fortresses.

Rewards: Vouchers

2. Treasure Modification optimized

Treasure Modification interface optimized

Treasures Modification will be unlocked at Lv.50

3. Celebration Party

When players have obtained new generals or new armors, other players from the same faction may come to celebrate.

Player who is the first one in his/her faction to obtain a new general or a new armor may send out invitations.

Other optimization: New animation when defeating and recruiting a new general.

4. New Special Fortresses

East Stonemouth: Phantoms not allowed

North Whispley: Officer horn, Summoning horn and Knighthood are not allowed

West Punton: A certain chance to attack a friendly troop when starting a duel.

5. Occupation Streak

Occupy another fortress within 3 minutes after the first fortress is occupied to achieve an occupation streak. 

Extra merit will be granted when achieving an occupation streak. The streak will also be broadcast on the world channel.

6. New Events

Gem Wheel Event

Barbarian King Event

7. Limited Time Offer

A high strength accessory and a high intelligence accessory will be available for purchase when player has reach Lv.35 and unlocked the world map.

Cleric’s Armor will be available for purchase when player has reached Lv.58 and recruited General Anders.

8. Gem Related Changes

Players may spend diamonds to restock Gem Association now, 

Removing gems from treasures no longer costs diamonds during Gem Deposit Event

9. Faction War Related Changes

Faction Lv.8 is now unlocked

New VIP8 Privilege: VIP8 players have quicker marching speed on the World map and distinctive troops model.

New Tag Function: The King and RankⅠofficers can indicate target fortress by placing tags on it

Player has a certain chance to trigger certain NPC events twice a week during Faction War Quests. 

Lofley Revolt (Fight for buff)

Lofley will be randomly refreshed in the middle of battlefield. The faction that occupies Lofley’s fortress will obtain attack buff.

10. Other optimization

Hangred’s tactic enhanced. Tactic is not available for Hangred’s phantom or in a duel 

Detail optimization of Trade interface

Astrology system interface optimized

Squire slot will only appear on Tavern and General panel when player has reached Lv.110. Squire may only be recruited after Lv.120

Players may use gold to unlock warehouse slots

When claiming construction merit rewards, amount of merit that will exceed the upper limit will not be claimed at the first clicking. 

Witchcraft tip optimized

Players may spend diamonds to achieve 5-star rating when they have completed a campaign with lower star rating.

NPC avatar optimized

Hold Ctrl and click phantom to release 10 phantoms

Players will be informed through mail when their items in the Buy-Back slots are deleted.

Equipment with three Lv.3 or higher skills will not be traded

Fragments of armor will also display the set’s effect

Feast attempts obtained from celebration party may exceed the feast cap of 6/6, i.e. 7/6

Star Gem Refine interface optimized

Siege Rank now has higher records

Generals may now be dequeued in scenario battles and iron mine battles

Arena Contest’s formation saving button optimized

11.  Numerical Development

New Technology: Advanced Gem Prayer. You may obtain 10 gems each time when you pray for gem, costs 70 diamonds each time.

Faction EXP reward will be given in Pitched Battle

Lv.7 and Lv.8 factions may obtain gem reward from faction quest

Red Battle does not consume food at the start 

Torture can now be upgraded to Lv.3 by gold (must unlock the feature in Astrology first) 

Forming Celebrities Event optimized

Chariot Raid Event:a new EXP pill added, rewards adjusted.

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