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    I didn’t finish 5* yet full campaign in Siegelord , left Epic to do 5*.But since i only tried it as test (what to do and where to go). I completed it with only 3* with 10phantom drops , so i should be able to do 4* , but 5* i don’t think so. My treasure is 61/61/61 left side and 37/37/23 right side (was lower at Easy/Normal/Hard) , with 2gems on left side : attack lvl1 gem and lvl2 gem on defense.So its 62/63/61 - 37/37/23 (with gems included in lvls).

    So if your treasure is lower then mine, you might not be able to do Hard/Hell 5*. (I haven’t tried epic level yet)

    I’m doing this guide because I don’t think I’ll try Epic anytime soon and might focus on Fallen Lion campaign, so people who didn’t try Disputes yet wont have to wait until someon…

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  • Gamefant

    Siegelord is a free to play browser-based SLG published by 37Games in December last year. Before I started to play Siegelord, my friends warned me "never play such f2p because you may drop into the trap for recharging continuously, freemium is never free even if you are willing to be just a free member". To test his words, I started my journey to Siegelord.

    It turns out that I reached lvl61 so far without spending even a cent. You may take an ironic view like "Wow, you are amazing" but the fact is really just what I experienced. I joined the Albion faction since siegelord is all about the battle among Three kingdoms. I fight with all the Albion members in the faction war that will be released at 10 O'clock every day and enjoy the triumph togethe…

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  • Gamefant

    How to Upgrade Quickly?

    January 14, 2015 by Gamefant

    Siegelord is the latestreal-time SLG browser-based game from 37Games . This time, i will give you detailed guidance on how to update fast from LV31 to LV40 in Siegelord. 

    Fog: Clearing the fog at LV30 achieves wood and food resources in the earlier stage. You will also obtain a treasure chest when clearing the fog.You are recommended to obtain the yellow equipment. (Unlocking yellow equips at level 36)

    League Legion: You can obtain equipment near Straitley, Wolfwood, Carwood, and Cragdon. You can obtain diamond chests near Draketon and Blackwater.

    Empire Legion: You can obtain equipment near Sandford and Stonechapel, and diamond chests near Blackwell and Blackwater.

    Kingdom Legion: You can obtain equipment near Blackwater, Outer Southcastle, S…

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