Okay so tried a knighthood during a fq - did everything as I was supposed to and on first launch attempt nothing happened, so I tried again - and it told me it had already launched. It hadn't so clearly a glitch since I refreshed and changed browsers and neither helped. At least I didn't claim the fq rewards since rewards for messing things up would feel wrong anyway. True it'll likely auto-claim. So if it does I'll skip a fq to make up for it a bit - though I can't ever really since in my opinion everyone else in the faction should get extra and I should lose some. You could say it wasn't my fault it messed up. True but my reply would be that I was the idiot who formed the knighthood and therefore made the glitch possible.

Edit: I decided against skipping a fq, I mean I shouldn't get rewards but I should help. First part of the first fq is all I'll claim today and just hope autoclaim messes up. I wouldn't have done the first claim but it was done before the mess happened. But I did request in a support ticket that double the reward to be deducted from my account and the rest get more.

Edit 2: What is wrong with support? They say the offer is nice but they won't deduct from me and pass out to others because although it was me who messed up I'm being nice and supposedly deserve the rewards. No, support has it wrong. Okay it is likely something not everyone would expect them to do so I can see how they get nice but no I do not deserve any rewards for messing up.